Chris Darge

Phone: 262.635.5050

Chris Darge (call him Darge) joined Nelson Electric's warehouse staff in 2013 after years of warehousing and assembly experience. He now works in Counter Sales at our Airline Road distribution center. In addition to his Nelson training, Darge is going to school for organizational management.

In his spare time, Darge plans and manages events on the side - such as baseball tailgate parties and sports banquets. But he does not have much spare time, because he has two kids, a daughter and a son.

Darge is a big sports fan and will coach whatever sports his kids get into. Darge says he has a strong passion for youth sports and is working on making football a safer game. He is on the Racine Youth Sports Board of Directors and is the Football Commissioner for his league. One of the highlights of his coaching career happened in 2015, when Darge coached his Rebels team at halftime at Lambeau field.



Photos (left to right): Darge with Mark Murphy – President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers; Coaching the Rebels at halftime at Lambeau field; Coach Darge; Darge and son.