Steve ShumanSteve Shuman

Direct Line: 262.504.3617

Steve Shuman began his career at Nelson in 1979 working in the warehouse and has held a variety of positions over his career. Early in his Nelson career, Steve left twice to go back to school and to ride his motorcycles, but kept returning to Nelson. Since then he has settled down and joined the establishment, and in his role as Vice President he is interested in strategic improvement in all areas of the company, particularly in using technology to make sure that Nelson's motto, "Dedicated to providing the best in services and capabilities to our customers," is true.

Although Steve enjoys his job, he enjoys weekends even more. His interests include spending time with his family, traveling, gardening, movies, books, and learning. If he is supposed to be doing something productive, he instead spends his time collecting antique baseball equipment, old clocks and fossils.

Steve lives in Elmwood Park with his wife, two of his three sons, and wonder-dog Casey.