Counter Sales and Support 

Come in and meet us!   We want to get to know you and your business, and we are always available to take your phone calls or talk to you in person. 

The Counter Team: 

Kai Kamakian (Mgr)
Since 1991 

Eric Goodwin
Since 1979 

Randy Frederickson
Since 1988 

Al Stachow
Since 1992 

Joe Burnett
Since 2012


Sometimes there is no substitute for touching the real thing.   Our large inventory is at your fingertips.   Every day customers come to our counter to look at material and to work out their solutions.   We love that!  

821 South Airline Rd

In addition to their own experience, the counter team gets technical support from our own technical specialists in controls, pneumatics, lighting.   

Our experienced team is committed to
• Accurate, knowledgeable service.
• Quick response.
• We will do research to identify, procure or expedite parts.
• Personally follow the status of your order.

Contact us in whatever way you want -  phone, email, fax, web, EDI - and of course in person at the counter!