Nelson Electric Engraving Services

Nelson Electric’s in-house engraving services have gotten better.

With our new engraving machine we’ve expanded our abilities and improved quality without increasing lead times.

  • We still have one day turnaround on most orders!
  • The engraving area has increased to a maximum size of 8”x12”.
  • We can now cut our own “Lamicoid” plates - no more waiting for an odd sized plate.
  • We stock white and black sheets (white with black letters or black with white letters). Other colors may need to be ordered special, but if you tell us what you need ahead of time, we’ll stock it for you.
  • We bevel edges and apply adhesive backing - or not - whatever your specifications call for. Do you need rounded corners or pilot holes drilled? Yes, we can do that, too.
  • We still engrave all those Allen-Bradley legend plates, as well, and now the quality is more consistent than ever.

Contact your salesperson for more information. General questions not related to pricing may also be directed to John Lemut.