Your Part Number

If you use your own part numbering system we can use those numbers to communicate with you.  This makes your entire process easier, from receiving to accounting.   We maintain thousands of customer items automatically.  Our databases build automatically as you order. 

We can: 
Look up your part number  when you call.
• Our phone support people see your part numbers in our ERP system.  Item identification is fast and easy.   


Include your part number on our printed, faxed, or emailed quotes, order acknowledgements and invoices.


Report by your part number.
• As you request.
• Can be automated.


Item labeling shows your part number.
• If you have requested your part numbers be labeled, your part number will be included on the label.  
• You can scan your items during receiving and put away.

Web Service Center can include your part number.
• We can import for you.
• You can maintain yourself.


Conversion services. 
• We will cross-reference your part numbers to Nelson numbers. 
• If you plan on converting purchased material to Nelson but need assistance, we will assist you.