Wholesale Pricing

Nelson Electric can configure a special pricing program for you.   We have implemented thousands of successful programs for virtually every business type.  

Many customers do not know how to work with their distributor to get wholesale pricing.  The fact is that most electrical wholesalers’ costs will be almost the same for a similar product.   Because they have virtually the same cost, that means that your cost varies only slightly from one wholesaler to another.  There may be an alternative.  In the electrical wholesaling industry some vendors are willing to offer rebates to the wholesaler in certain conditions.   If you are able to take advantage of that, you may be able to reduce your cost. 

If you have significant sales volume on a product or brand – and are willing to make a commitment to a brand – ask your account manager for assistance in reviewing your volume and requirements.   Along with our vendors, we have crafted many special pricing programs of this type.   

We also offer:


  •  We provide quoting in a variety of formats

Customized Terms

  •  Our normal terms are vendor terms
  •  Configurable based on your requirements

Value add

  •  We offer many services.  Many of those services are free.  We are proud of our capabilities and the care we show our customers.  We do not believe you should have to pay any more for excellent care.  If products from Nelson are not the best value you can find – in quality and in overall value, please tell us.  

Custom Financing

  •  Custom financing is available for large purchases

Price books on demand. 

  •  Electronic
  •  Suitable for import to your system
  •  Can be automated