Repair and Exchange

This is Shelly Wojciechowski, Support & CSM Coordinator at Nelson Electric Supply.  She has been with Nelson since 1991, and has been running the Allen Bradley Exchange/Repair Program since 1998.  Shelly has worked with many customers to exchange and repair drives, panelviews, processors and many more parts, saving time and money by avoiding lost production.  You too can take advantage of this program. 

Rockwell Automation offers three different levels of Remanufacturing and Exchange Services:
• Economy Services (Remanufacturing Services): Your failed or malfunctioning product is sent through Rockwell’s seven step process and returned via normal shipping.
• Standard Services (Advance Remanufacturing Services): You will receive your remanufactured product within 3-5 days.
• Priority Services (Advance Exchange Services): Obtain next day, morning delivery from over 15,000 remanufactured Allen-Bradley catalog items inventories at Rockwell’s global parts hubs. Emergency 24x7x365 service is also available.






15+ Days

5 Days



12 Months

18 Months

24 Months


Save 13%


Additional 13%


Remanufactured/ Return

Remanufactured, Return or Hub Stock

Hub Stock

There are benefits to the program that can save you time and money: 
• It is less expensive to order an exchange or repair than to buy a new replacement.
• If the part is under warranty, then there are no charges at all. 
• Remanufacturing is done at Allen-Bradley’s world class facilities, insuring the highest quality.
• Unlike some other repair houses that only warranty what fails on it, AB will check over and certify the entire unit for the length of the warranty.                   
Shelly would be happy to discuss this excellent program in more detail if you have questions.
Next time a part fails, give her a call!

Shelly Wojciechowski
Customer Support & CSM Coordinator