Inside People - Phone Support 

We are proud of our culture.  We strive to insure that every Nelson Electric person you come in contact with is knowledgeable and dedicated.   We also want to hold on to our excellent people.  They seem to like it here – it is very rare that we lose someone.   Many people have spent their entire careers with Nelson.   We hope you can tell the difference when you talk to us.   

You may talk to one of several groups when you call, but they all have these things in common:

  •  Many have had decades of experience. 
  •  Very knowledgeable. 
  •  Latest technology at their fingertips.
  •  Continuously undergoing training. 
  •  Listens and cares about the customer.
  •  Returns your call, fax or email promptly.   
  •  Accepts responsibility -- Does not “drop the ball”. 


  •  We prefer a real human who actually listens and directs your call.     

Inside Sales / Customer Service

  •  These are the people who most likely take your phone call.
  •  Finds hard-to-find items.
  •  Tracks your orders from quote to delivery to invoicing.

Counter Sales

  •  These people take care of walk-in customers as well as phone calls and some warehouse functions.

Advanced Technology Center / Engineers

  •  Our engineering group spends a significant amount of time on the phone. 
  •  If you leave a voicemail, they will be notified immediately. 
  •  Committed to return your call within the hour.

Account Managers

  •  Although they are not normally at their desk, our account managers try to be accessible.
  •   If you leave a voicemail, they will be notified immediately.